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Letter from David Rhind - Modernising the National Accounts and plans for Blue Book 2007

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Letter from David Rhind to Karen Dunnell regarding Modernising the National Accounts and plans for the Blue Book 2007.

Issue date: 23 February 2007
Type: Correspondence

Ms Karen Dunnell
National Statistician
Office for National Statistics
1 Drummond Gate

23 February 2007


Dear Karen

Thank you for letting me know of the ONS' re-prioritisation of activities in regard to modernisation of the National Accounts and the 2007 Blue Book. The Commission has always supported the need for a substantial enhancement in the tools, including software, used by ONS. We have also highlighted our concerns over the resources available to ONS in the light of the many goals and management challenges facing you; your letter refers to the scale of the modernisation of the National Accounts, 'especially in the light of the other changes we are implementing'. In these sorts of circumstances, some re-prioritisation has always seemed to us to be likely to be necessary.

Given all this, and especially the Treasury and Bank of England agreement with the reprioritisation proposed, we see the force of the arguments you have made and support the action proposed. We look forward to an enhanced set of National Accounts in 2008.

Yours sincerely,

David Rhind

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