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Equality data review

ONS-led review of equality data took place from June to September 2007.

It was guided by a cross-government task force with diversity and equality stakeholders drawn from 8 Whitehall departments and the 3 devolved administrations.

The starting point was a measurement framework proposed in the Cabinet Office-commissioned Equalities Review (February 2007), which included the following equality characteristics:

  • gender

  • transgender

  • ethnicity

  • disability

  • age

  • sexual orientation

  • religion/belief

  • socio-economic status

The report concluded that the lack of strategic co-ordination had contributed to the equality data gaps and inconsistencies in the equality and inequalities evidence base.

It made 22 recommendations for ONS and other government bodies to improve co-ordination and processes, data comparability and quality, and data accessibility and presentation.

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