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International classifications of diseases, 10th revision - ICD10 for mortality

Understanding the changes to mortality statistics following the move to coding cause of death to ICD-10

From January 2001, information on cause of death in England and Wales has been coded to the 10th revision of the “International classification of diseases” (ICD-10). ICD-10 has been implemented on the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and replaces ICD-9, which has been in use since 1979.

ICD-10 more closely reflects current medical knowledge than ICD-9. It is the most radical change in the ICD for 50 years. This will impact on mortality statistics by cause of death, with a discontinuity in the trends for some causes of death. To help users understand these discontinuities, the Office for National Statistics has carried out a comprehensive study to analyse the changes in mortality statistics that are a result of the change in classification. Some other countries have also carried out bridge-coding studies when they have moved to ICD-10.

Statistics using ICD-10 to code cause of death will be published for England and Wales for 2001 onwards.

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