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Release: 2011 Census , Population Estimates by five-year age bands, and Household Estimates, for Local Authorities in the United Kingdom

Released: 21 March 2013


Garnett Compton


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Categories: Population, Population Estimates, Population Estimates by Age and Sex, People and Places, Households, Number of Households

Frequency of release: Decennial

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: Local Authority and County

Survey name(s): Census

  • The population of the UK on census day, 27 March 2011, was 63.2 million; the largest it had ever been.

  • The estimated population of England was 53.0 million people, 5.3 million people in Scotland, 3.1 million people in Wales and 1.8 million people in Northern Ireland. Further details of UK population estimates accompanied the first release of UK population statistics published on 17 December 2012.

  • The number of households in the UK on census day was 26.4 million.

  • There were 22.1 million households in England, 2.4 million households in Scotland, 1.3 million in Wales and 0.7 million in Northern Ireland.

  • The number of people living in households in the UK on census day was 62.1 million.

  • The average household size in the UK was 2.3 people per household, compared to 2.4 in 2001.

  • The number of people living in households in the UK increased by 7.5 per cent since 2001, whilst the number of households has increased by 8 per cent resulting in a decrease in average household size for the UK. 

  • Two people households accounted for the largest number of households in the UK, at 9.0 million households (30 per cent of all households with usual residents).

  • The average UK population density was 261 people per square kilometre; an increase of 7 per cent since 2001 when it was 244 people per square kilometre. 

This release provides population estimates, of the usually resident population, by five-year age bands and sex, as well as household estimates for all local authorities (or equivalent) in the constituent countries of the United Kingdom. This will combine data for Scotland with data already published for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

This release provides population estimates of the usually resident population by age and sex, and households estimates, for each local authority in the United Kingdom. The release draws together results from each of the three censuses in England and Wales, Scotland, and in Northern Ireland, that were held on 27 March 2011.

This release supplements the first release of UK 2011 Census data in the 'Population and household estimates for the United Kingdom' published 17 December 2012.

The statistical bulletin accompanying this release also adds to the analysis included in the 17 December release, providing analysis of the new household estimates, new commentary on population density, and further analysis of the population estimates made possible because of the reduced level of rounding applied to the figures in this release.

Due to the breadth and depth of census data, results from the 2011 Census are being released in stages. Subsequent releases of UK census data will be available as soon as all constituent country data are available. An outline of the timetable for subsequent UK releases has been published in the 2011 Census prospectus (754.4 Kb Pdf) .

Further information about the methodology and quality assurance processes for the 2011 Censuses in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are available from their respective websites.

These National Statistics are produced to high professional standards and released according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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