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Business and energy

Quality and methodology information reports for the “Business and energy” theme.

The reports below contain information on the methods used to compile the data for the named output and the quality of that data. They are designed to give you information on the strengths and limitations of the data and to help you decide what the data should be used for.

Annual business survey (ABS) (149.3 Kb Pdf)

Business demography (285.5 Kb Pdf)

UK business enterprise research and development (242.6 Kb Pdf)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) (656.3 Kb Pdf)

Monthly business survey (production & services) (108.7 Kb Pdf)

New orders in the construction industry (100.2 Kb Pdf)

Output in the construction industry (500.7 Kb Pdf)

Quarterly dividends inquiry (QDI) (62.4 Kb Pdf)

Quarterly stocks inquiry (122.2 Kb Pdf)

UK business: activity, size and location (219.9 Kb Pdf)

UK gross domestic expenditure on research and development (GERD) (137 Kb Pdf)

UK manufacturers' sales by product (PRODCOM) (262.6 Kb Pdf)

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