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The ONS Omnibus Service

The ONS Omnibus Service – The Gold Standard in Omnibus Surveys
ONS are the leading producer of high quality nationally important statistics within the UK. The ONS Omnibus Service exists to provide others with a fast and cost effective way of collecting high quality information to the same standards as National Statistics without incurring the costs of setting up a stand-alone survey.

The Gold Standard in Omnibus Surveys

The ONS Omnibus Service itself is the only random probability omnibus survey in Great Britain. This means that the information collected is truly representative of the population, unlike other methods used by our competitors. This allows for reliable estimates of precision, ensuring you make the right decisions with the data we supply.

All ONS Omnibus interviews are conducted face to face by highly skilled interviewers. This allows ONS interviewers to ask questions which may not be possible by telephone or online. A self completion option for respondents is also available for particularly sensitive questions.

Our expertise

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The ONS Omnibus Service has a proven track record in gaining insight for evidence based development, monitoring and evaluation in:

  • Education

  • Health

  • Economy and Taxation

  • Transport

  • Food Safety

  • Science & Technology

  • Social Mobility

  • Social and Criminal Justice

The ONS Omnibus team are always available to talk through your needs.

Please feel free to email us at or contact a member of the team directly on 01633 455298.

The ONS Omnibus – A Complete Service

Not only can ONS meet your data collection needs through the Omnibus Service, we also offer questionnaire design, analysis and report writing services to accompany  our data collection services. This means that whatever your survey needs, ONS are able to meet it; whether small or large. 

What’s Included?

The ONS Omnibus Service prides itself in providing:

  • 1,000 achieved sample size on average per month.

  • Simple, clear and transparent charging policy.

  • Complete Flexibility – Whether you have 1 question or 40 we’ll work to meet your needs.

  • Over 60 classificatory variables (data breakdowns) available. These include geographical, social and employment characteristics.

  • Free expert advice throughout to ensure you optimise your question design and analysis.

  • Monthly data collection for 8 out of 12 months.


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