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Specific methodology

Methodology papers, notes, reports and other useful information relating to each statistical theme.

Business and energy methodology

Methodology for important business statistics including business investment, annual business survey, construction and Prodcom.

Crime and justice methodology

How our crime statistics are calculated.

Economy methodology

Methodology for economic statistics including national, regional and environmental accounts, consumer price indices, indexes of production and services and many others.

Government methodology

Methodology for public sector statistics.

GSS methodology series

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) methodology series of publications contain articles with a significant methodological interest written by statisticians from the organisations within the GSS.

Health and social care methodology

Guidance and information about our health statistics including health accounts.

Labour market methodology

Methodology for labour market statistics including the labour force survey, annual survey of hours and earnings, standard occupational classification and others relating to the labour market.

People and Places methodology

Information on social surveys about families, households and lifestyles.

Population methodology

Methodology for population and migration statistics, including population projections and estimates, internal and international migration and demography.

Travel and transport methodology

Methodology used to collect data about transport, travel and tourism, including the international passenger survey and Travelpac.


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