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National Statistics Quality Review, (NSQR) Series (2) Report No. 2: Review of National Accounts and Balance of Payments

As part of its rolling programme of National Statistics Quality Reviews (NSQRs), the Office for National Statistics (ONS) commissioned a review of the user needs and methodology underpinning the National Accounts and the Balance of Payments.

NSQRs are part of the statistical framework for ensuring quality in UK national statistics. ONS Director General Glen Watson appointed Dame Kate Barker to lead the review. She was assisted by Art Ridgeway who led the technical national accounting work streams and supported by in house ONS technical experts.

The review began in September 2013 and the review team reported its findings and recommendations (570.9 Kb Pdf) in July 2014.

ONS has carefully considered the content of the review and the recommendations and suggestions made.

The ONS response to the review (875 Kb Pdf) has now been published. Each of the recommendations and suggestions has been either accepted or partially accepted and responded to individually. The response also contains details of progress being made against the high priority recommendations, as well as in the areas of Flow of Funds and expanding the ONS economist team.

If you would like to discuss the content of either the review or the ONS response, please contact Adrian Chesson.

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