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UK parliamentary constituencies

The UK has 650 parliamentary constituencies, each of which is represented by one MP in the House of Commons at Westminster. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland each have electoral areas called constituencies, and these elect one or more members to a parliament or assembly.

These pages are designed to help users with an interest in data and information on parliamentary constituencies.

  • Data catalogue

    Lists all the National and Official Statistics that are available for UK parliamentary constituencies, both in Westminster and the devolved parliaments, from 2010 until the present.

  • Interactive maps for parliamentary constituencies

    This release of interactive maps show how the characteristics of the residents of parliamentary constituencies vary on measures including age, pension, health, ethnicity, housing, employment, unemployment, tax credits, personal income and enterprise.

  • Geography products

    Provides details of the various support files (for example, look-up tables and digital boundaries) that are available.


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