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Population Statistics Division (PSD) Publications News

Every 3 months, PSD sends out an email to a large list of customers. The newsletter provides summaries and links to all outputs and publications produced by PSD in the previous 3 months. This landing page will contain the most recent 4 quarterly summaries.

Quarterly PSD Email - Q4 2015 (87 Kb Word document)

As referenced in the Quarter 4 newsletter, here is the consultation note about the quality measures for the Population Estimates by Marital Status and Living Arrangements (356.5 Kb Word document)

Quarterly PSD Email - Q3 2015

Quarterly PSD Email - Q1 2015

Quarterly PSD Email - Q4 2014

Quarterly PSD Email - Q3 2014

Quarterly PSD Email - Q2 2014

Quarterly PSD Email - Q1 2014

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