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Improving our population and migration statistics

We are committed to continually improving our existing population and migration statistics. These are the statistics that bridge the gap between censuses. This often means researching better methods. It also means engaging with users, responding to their needs and assessing other improvements – for example timeliness. The beyond 2011 programme, which is researching longer-term alternatives to a traditional census, reports its findings separately, but the 2 research programmes are linked and collaborate regularly.

You can download our strategy for population statistics 2014–2019 from the “Download” panel on the right-hand side of this page, as well as the population statistics revisions policy, which sets out how we will revise our figures if and when research leads to a change in methods (ie how they are produced) for a particular statistic or set of figures. You will also find a link to minutes and write-ups from the main meetings and user groups that have helped us to develop and prioritise future work on population statistics.

  • Methodological research since the last census

    Every census presents an opportunity to review our statistics on the size and characteristics of the population. As most of our statistics are aimed at bridging the gap between censuses, research programmes tend to reflect this 10-year cycle.

  • Engaging with users

    We are committed to engaging with users. This link will take you to the population section of StatsUserNet, an online forum where we can keep you regularly updated on our research and other initiatives. You will need to register or log in to participate.

  • Migration statistics improvement programme (MSIP) 

    In the years leading up to the last census, this programme extensively researched how we could improve our migration statistics. The programme is now complete, and some methods developed are now in use. This is an archive of the programme's work.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please email us on or post on StatsUserNet.

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