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Quality and methodology information reports for the “Economy” theme.

The reports below contain information on the methods used to compile the data for the named output and the quality of that data. They are designed to give you information on the strengths and limitations of the data and to help you decide what the data should be used for.

Balance of payments (BOP) (117.6 Kb Pdf)

Business investment (128.9 Kb Pdf)

Capital stocks and capital consumption (88.9 Kb Pdf)

Consumer price indices (141.9 Kb Pdf)

Consumer trends (134.3 Kb Pdf)

E-commerce and ICT activity of UK businesses (99.7 Kb Pdf)

Environmental accounts - air emissions (142.2 Kb Pdf)

Environmental accounts - energy (170.2 Kb Pdf)

Environmental accounts - environmental taxes (143.9 Kb Pdf)

Environmental accounts - material flows (174.8 Kb Pdf)

Film and television industries (FTV) (134.5 Kb Pdf)

Foreign direct investment (FDI) (629.3 Kb Pdf)

Gross domestic product (GDP) (518.9 Kb Pdf)

House Price Index (HPI) (131.8 Kb Pdf)

House Price Statistics for Small Areas (337.1 Kb Pdf)

Index of production (IOP) (247.9 Kb Pdf)

Index of services (IOS) (207.3 Kb Pdf)

International comparisons of productivity (123.8 Kb Pdf)

International trade in services (ITIS) (834.9 Kb Pdf)

Labour productivity (649 Kb Pdf)

Living costs and food survey (LCF) (117.9 Kb Pdf)

Monthly inquiry into the distribution services sector (MIDSS) (81.2 Kb Pdf)

Monthly production inquiry survey (132.3 Kb Pdf)

MQ5: investment by insurance companies, pensions funds and trusts (268.3 Kb Pdf)

Non-financial balance sheets (92.5 Kb Pdf)

Occupational pension schemes survey (OPSS) (381.7 Kb Pdf)

Outward foreign affiliates statistics

Ownership of UK quoted shares (115.3 Kb Pdf)

Producer Price Indices (PPI) (95.6 Kb Pdf)

Profitability of UK companies (118.8 Kb Pdf)

Public sector finances (201.4 Kb Pdf)

Quarterly survey of capital expenditure (287.8 Kb Pdf)

Quarterly operating profits survey (QOPS) (160.1 Kb Pdf)

Regional gross disposable household income (GDHI) (584.2 Kb Pdf)

Regional gross value added (Income Approach) (279.7 Kb Pdf)

Regional gross value added (Production Approach) (262.9 Kb Pdf)

Retail sales index (245.6 Kb Pdf)

Services producer price indices (SPPI) (156.7 Kb Pdf)

Social security administration (SSA) (70.7 Kb Pdf)

Survey into business spending on capital items (227.6 Kb Pdf)

The effects of taxes and benefits on household income (212.1 Kb Pdf)

UK trade (283.9 Kb Pdf)

Wealth and assets survey (WAS) (107.7 Kb Pdf)

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