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Greenhouse gas emissions intensity - reductions across most sectors between 1995 and 2009

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Greenhouse gas emissions intensity for selected industries

1995 and 2009

Greenhouse gas emissions per unit of output
Source: Office for National Statistics

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There have been reductions in the level of greenhouse gas emissions across most sectors between 1995 and 2009 but one of the key drivers of the 42.0 per cent decrease in emissions intensity has been the switch away from coal to natural gas for electricity generation. The electricity, gas and water supply industries produced 5,200 tonnes of emissions (CO2 equivalent) per million pounds of economic output in 2009, less than half that produced in 1995 (11,400 tonnes). 

There has been an increase in the emissions intensity for the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry. Emissions of greenhouse gases have fallen in this sector by 17.7 per cent between 1995 and 2009 but output (gross value added) was down 32.6 per cent over the same period.  

Source: Office for National Statistics

Background notes

  1. Comparisons are made with 1995 for the industry analyses of greenhouse gas emissions intensity as this is the earliest year for which economic output (GVA) data is available on an SIC07 basis at the industry level.

  2. Greenhouse gas emissions relate to the primary producer. Emissions are not reallocated to the final consumer.

  3. Output is based on calculations using the chained volume measure of Gross Value Added, the contribution of individual industries to Gross Domestic Product.

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