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Theme: Health and Social Care

Key Publications

Statistical bulletin: Deaths Registered in England and Wales (Series DR), 2013 29-Oct-2014
Annual mortality statistics on deaths registered by age-group, sex and underlying cause of death and by other information collected at the time of registration.
Statistical bulletin: Cancer registrations in England, 2010 24-Apr-2012
Discontinued - Cancer statistics covering new cases and incidence rate in England each year. Now included in Cancer Statistics Registrations (Series MB1).
Statistical bulletin: Health Expectancies at Birth and at Age 65 in the United Kingdom, 2008–2010 29-Aug-2012
This bulletin presents figures for healthy life expectancy (HLE) and disability-free life expectancy (DFLE) at birth and at age 65 for males and females in the UK and constituent countries in 2008–10 and compares this period with 2005–07. HLE and DFLE add a dimension of the quality of life expectancy (LE), providing users with a summary measure of the time spent in favourable and unfavourable health states, which can be used to inform policy, planning and research in both public and private sectors in areas such as health, population and pensions.

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Key Data

Reference table: Mortality Statistics: Deaths Registered in 2012 (Series DR) Table 5 (Excel sheet 2814Kb) 22-Oct-2013
Numbers of deaths by age, sex and underlying cause in England and Wales. Figures are based on deaths registered in 2012. The ICD-10 codes shown are those where at least one death was coded to that underlying cause during the relevant reference period.
Reference table: Cancer Statistics Registrations, England, Series MB1 No. 41, 2010 (Excel sheet 1142Kb) 13-Jun-2012
Number and rates of all types of cancer by age and sex, and by region of residence in England.
Reference table: Health Expectancies in the United Kingdom, 2000-2002 to 2008-2010 (Excel sheet 2947Kb) 29-Aug-2012
Health Expectancies in the United Kingdom between 2000-2002 to 2008-2010.

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