Political party proposals

Lord Smith asked the five political parties represented at the Scottish Parliament to give them him their views by Friday 10 October on what further powers should be devolved to Holyrood. These proposals will provide the basis of the political negotiations along with the views received from civil institutions and the public.

The parties have made the following proposals:

Scottish Conservatives Covering Letter [PDF – 3 pages, 539kb]
Scottish Conservatives Submission [PDF – 24 pages, 173kb]

Scottish Green Party Submission [PDF – 10 pages, 275kb]

Scottish Labour Party Submission [PDF – 26 pages, 320kb]

Scottish Liberal Democrats Covering Letter [PDF – 3 pages, 329kb]
Scottish Liberal Democrats Submission [PDF – 65 pages, 704kb]

Scottish National Party Covering Letter [PDF – 3 pages, 61kb]
Scottish Government Submission [PDF – 42 pages, 306kb]