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About the Advancing Change Team (ACT)

The future of the Advancing Change Team (ACT)

NHS Improving Quality closed down on 31 October 2015. Unlike most of our colleagues at NHS Improving Quality who have now become a team within NHS England, ACT is being transferred to the new organisation NHS Improvement announced by the Secretary of State in July 2015. NHS Improvement will be operational from 1 April 2016.

To aid the transition process, we have prepared a prospectus that encompasses descriptions of the programmes we deliver and the experience and expertise of our faculty to help all parties involved to get a clear picture of our history and contribution to quality improvement and system change in the provision of health services.

You can download a copy of the prospectus here.

The Advancing Change Team (ACT) has developed a number of practical developmental learning programmes and master classes to help NHS colleagues and their partner organisations to plan and deliver both large scale transformational change and service improvement and redesign. 

"The QSIR and Leading Transformational Change programmes are absolutely essential.  We see them as right at the top of the pyramid in terms of how we build capability for change. These programmes will enable and coach people to work together across organisational boundaries to create the thinking needed to create the new models of care as described in the Five Year Forward Plan."

Steve Fairman, Interim Managing Director, NHS Improving Quality.

Aimed at leaders, managers and frontline colleagues in health and social care organisations, the programmes have been created at different levels: practitioner, advanced practitioner, and trainer, designed to support the development of senior leaders delivering complex change and improvement teams in implementing change.

The syllabus is delivered by our renowned team of national and international experts, using both face-to-face and online learning tools and techniques. Participants who go through assessment will achieve a recognised certificate of attainment and use evidence-based and tested resources that they can then introduce across their own organisations.

The ACT programmes cover these key areas:

Leading transformational change - supporting teams and individuals to build capability and deliver complex change.

Transformation Essentials - a pilot programme that provides self-directed learning resources and evaluates their impact in supporting transformation teams.

Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) - meeting the challenges set out by the Berwick Report and building future capability to support and develop others.

QSIR train the trainer -  Built on the success of the Quality Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) programme, the aim of this new programme is to help NHS organisations build in-house improvement capability in order to infuse the NHS with improvement skills.

Masterclass Workshops - these are workshops in key curriculum areas including transformational change and the science of improvement. A limited number are provided on request and to meet specific needs. 

A number of useful resources are available below:

The little book of Large Scale Change

Seven Ways To No Delays

Sustainability Model

Part One - Leading large scale change: A practical guide

Part Two - Leading large scale change: The postscript

For more information about ACT programmes please contact