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Release: Occupational Pension Schemes Survey Short Stories, Contracting out of private sector defined benefit pension schemes, 2012

Released: 04 March 2014


Grace Edgar

Public Policy Analysis

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1633 455593

Categories: Economy, Personal Finances, Pensions, Occupational and personal pensions

Frequency of release: Ad-hoc

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: UK

Survey name(s): Occupational Pension Scheme Survey (OPSS)

  • The percentage of private sector active membership contracted out of defined benefit occupational pension schemes fell from 91% in 2008 to 84% in 2012.


  • Contribution rates are much higher for contracted out schemes than for non-contracted out schemes.


  • Contracting out for defined contribution schemes ceased from April 2012. Should the Pensions Bill 2013/14 be enacted, contracting out of defined benefit occupational schemes will also end, in 2016.


OPSS provides a detailed view of the nature of occupational pension provision in the UK.

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