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Release: Local Area Migration Indicators Suite, August 2013

Released: 29 August 2013


Sarah Crofts

Migration Statistics Unit

Telephone: +44 (0)1329 444097

Categories: Local Area Migration Indicators, Population, Migration, International Migration

Frequency of release: Annually

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: Local Authority and County, Region

Survey name(s): Annual Population Survey (APS), Long-term International Migration


Please note that the version of the Local Area Migration Indicators Suite published on 29 August 2013 omitted an important footnote to the Migration Flows table stating that the international migration estimates shown do not include asylum seekers for the years mid -2004 to mid-2011. The table has now been updated at 13:30pm on 13/12/2013 to include asylum seekers in those estimates. The previous error does not affect any other migration products.

In this release

This is an interactive product bringing together different migration related data sources to allow users to compare indicators of migration at local authority level. The suite includes data on long-term international and internal migration flows used to calculate population turnover rates, short-term international migration inflows, non-UK born population, non-British population, migrant National Insurance Number (NINo) allocations and migrant GP registrations. The latest data available is for 2012

Supporting Documents

Local Area Migration Indicators Metadata (230.5 Kb Pdf)

Local Area Migration Indicators Quality and Methodology Information (110.3 Kb Pdf)

In this release:

  • Short-Term International Migration Inflows for mid-2008 to mid-2011 have been added as a new Indicator and the Worker Registration Scheme Indicator has been removed as the scheme closed in April 2011.

  • All other Indicators have been updated with the latest data for 2011 and 2012.

  • Mid-year population estimates for England and Wales for 2004 to 2010 have been revised in light of the 2011 Census.

  • Figures for the former English Counties and Districts that were abolished on 1 April 2009 are no longer available. Figures for all years are based on the nine Unitary Authorities that replaced these Counties and Districts on 1 April 2009.

  • Data for Northern Ireland Local Government Districts has been added to all relevant Indicators.

  • All Indicators are now expressed as rates per thousand resident population to enable easier comparison.

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