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Release: National Accounts Articles, E-commerce: Measuring, Monitoring and Gross Domestic Product

Released: 07 August 2014


Jacqui Jones

Business Indicators and Balance of Payments

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Categories: National Accounts, Economy, Prices, Output and Productivity, Output

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Geographical breakdown: UK and GB

  • From a policy perspective the internet access, e-commerce, and internet sales series of the retail sales inquiry provide good sources of estimates to measure and monitor e-commerce activity by UK businesses.

In this release

E-commerce: measuring, monitoring and gross domestic product article. (724.2 Kb Pdf)

There is a need to measure and monitor e-commerce from the perspectives of both policy and measuring the economy. From a policy perspective there is growing interest in measuring and monitoring domestic and cross-border e-commerce. In relation to the measurement of the economy the increasing transition to the purchase of e-services, such as digital downloads and applications (apps) (many of which are imported) necessitates the need to continuously review and improve data sources.

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