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Release: Business Investment, Q3 2013 Revised Results

Released: 20 December 2013 Next edition: 26 February 2014


Louisa Nolan

Gross Capital Formation

Telephone: +44 (0)1633 455250

Categories: Economy, National Accounts, National Income, Expenditure and Output

Frequency of release: Quarterly

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: UK and GB

Survey name(s): Quarterly Survey of Capital Expenditure

  • The estimates in this release are short term indicators of investment in assets, such as dwellings, transport equipment, machinery, buildings and intangible assets, across the United Kingdom. This release covers not only business investment, but asset breakdowns of total gross fixed capital formation (GFCF), of which business investment is one component.

  • All investment data referred to in this bulletin are estimates of seasonally adjusted chained volume measures.

  • GFCF was estimated to have increased by £0.8 billion to £53.6 billion (1.5%) compared with the previous quarter. 

  • Business investment rose by an estimated £0.6 billion (2.0%) compared with the previous quarter.

  • Investment was broad based with increases in all of the five main assets. The largest increase was in transport equipment, which grew by £0.5 billion (27.1%). Other new buildings and structures grew by £0.2 billion (0.8%) and other machinery and equipment increased by £0.1 billion (1.3%). 

  • Looking over the last four quarters, investment has been broadly flat, ranging between £52 and £54 billion.

  • An experimental dataset containing detailed industry and asset breakdowns of business investment can be found on the ONS ad hoc publication web pages

  • The earliest period being revised in this release is 2012 Q1.

Commentary and tables on investment trends by businesses. Contains capital expenditure data for various sectors of the economy at current prices, constant prices and seasonally adjusted.
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