Transcript of the Hearing 13 December 2013


           1                                       Friday, 13 December 2013

           2   (10.30 am)

           3   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  We'll have the jury in then, please.

           4                  (In the presence of the jury)

           5   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  What I will ask happens then is for

           6       the jury bailiffs to be sworn, please.

           7                      (Jury bailiffs sworn)

           8   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  Thank you both very much then.

           9           Just before you go, members of the jury, we do have

          10       copies over there of the blown up photograph that you

          11       wanted.  You see it there.  So rather than hand it out

          12       to you, if the whole can be taken with you, then you

          13       each have one for each of you then when you get to your

          14       jury room.  That that is just being handed to the jury

          15       bailiffs so she will have it with her.

          16           All right.  If you would like to then leave us,

          17       thank you very much, and continue with your

          18       deliberations.

          19      (The jury retired to continue their deliberations at

          20                            10.34 am)

          21   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  You will all be told as and when

          22       anything is heard from the jury.  If not, I won't

          23       propose to bring them back until the end of the day,

          24       whenever that shall be, we will work it out as we

          25       progress.


           1   MR UNDERWOOD:  Thank you.

           2   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  Thank you all very much indeed

           3       I will rise.

           4   (10.34 am)

           5                      (The court adjourned)

           6   (4.01 pm)

           7   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  Thank you very much.  I will ask for

           8       the cameras to be turned off and for the jury to come

           9       back into court, please.

          10                  (The jury returned into court)

          11   THE ASSISTANT CORONER:  Right, members of the jury, it's

          12       just part of the exercise to get you walking up those

          13       stairs and back.  There's nothing more for me to say to

          14       you other than that which I said to you before.

          15           As you are in deliberation now, I discharge the jury

          16       bailiffs from their oath until Monday morning.  The same

          17       three rules apply, very, very important, as you know:

          18           (1)  Please do not discuss the case with anyone at

          19       all.

          20           (2)  Please do not even discuss the case within the

          21       ten of you because now we are going to stop work through

          22       until Monday morning.

          23           (3)  Really, really have a great weekend because you

          24       need to relax.  It has been hard work for you, I know

          25       you have been working hard, I am sure.  So go away, try


           1       not to do any more work on the case, just put it to one

           2       side in your mind, come back refreshed on Monday morning

           3       and then you will pick up where you carried on today and

           4       then you will be able to have a day of working on the

           5       case and your conclusions and deliberations and findings

           6       as you have set out in Form 2.

           7           So thank you very much indeed.  If you would like

           8       then to leave us then and be back here for 10.30 on

           9       Monday morning, please.

          19   (4.03 pm)

          20        (The Inquest adjourned until 10.30 am on Monday,

          21                        16 December 2013)