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  1. Building Regulations (cy)
  2. Policy Implementation

Policy Implementation

The consideration and possible introduction of new or amended Building Regulations or supporting guidance involves a number of key stages and documents.


Each year, The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) commissions a number of research projects to underpin the development and maintenance of the Building Regulations, the supporting guidance and the Building Control system.

Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC)

Throughout the United Kingdom the majority of building work is controlled by regulations. BRAC advises the relevant Secretary of State on the exercise of his / her power to make Building Regulations and on other related subjects.


The consultations listed here are those of a non-technical nature.  To find out more about consultations relating to technical subjects please access them through the technical guidance pages.


Government departments assess the likely outcomes of regulating in order to try to achieve the right balance between under-regulating, which may fail to protect the public, and over-regulating, which may create excessive bureaucracy.


As part of the formal dissemination of new or altered Building Regulations policy, the DCLG uses one or both of Circulars and Divisional Circular letters, which can be viewed on the Communities and Local Government website.

The Future of Building Control

The Future of Building Control project arose from a review of the current system including a consultation exercise which was completed in 2008.