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The consultations listed here are those of a non-technical nature.  To find out more about consultations relating to technical subjects please access them through the technical guidance pages.

Select one of the following links to view these non-technical consultations on the Communities and Local Government website:

Closed Consultations:

A summary of responses report has now been published on the four sections that made up the 2012 Building Regulations consultation package, issued on 31 January 2012. The consultation contained a range of proposals to improve the Building Regulations regime in England.
The Department received responses from 715 separate organisations and individuals.

Following this report, the Department has set out details of a significant package of deregulatory changes to the Building Regulations in 2013. These changes can be found in the Building Act 1984, Building (Amendment) Regulations 2012: Circular 02/2012

  • The 2012 Building Regulations consultation
    (January - April 2012) The consultation was presented in four sections:
    1. Section one outlines the consultation approach and then presents proposals to change various technical aspects of the regulations.
    2. Section two outlines proposals to increase the energy efficiency of buildings.
    3. Section three contains proposals in relation to electrical safety in homes.
    4. Section four outlines changes to the building control system.