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Release: Integrated Household Survey, January to December 2012

Released: 03 October 2013
  • In 2012, 1.5 per cent of adults in the UK identified themselves as Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual.

  • Adults aged 16 to 24 were more likely to identify themselves as Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual (2.6 per cent) compared with adults aged 65 and over (0.4 per cent).

  • Across the UK, 77 per cent of men and 75 per cent of women reported that they were ‘in good health’.

  • Fewer than one in ten adults aged 16 to 24 (9.3 per cent) considered themselves as not being in good health. This compared with more than four in ten (43 per cent) of those aged 65 and over.

  • One in five adults (aged 18+) were current smokers in the UK in 2012. Regions in the North of England and Scotland had the highest proportions of current smokers in the UK. London and the South East had some of the lowest proportions of current smokers.

The Integrated Household Survey (IHS) is the largest social survey produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The survey is comprised of a core suite of questions from current ONS household surveys and contains information from approximately 340,000 individual respondents - the biggest pool of UK social data after the census.

Experimental statistics are new official statistics undergoing evaluation: they are published in order to involve customers and stakeholders in their development.

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