Review of official controls delivery

The Food Standards Agency reviewed how local authorities and port health authorities carry out activities to monitor and secure business compliance with food law. These activities are collectively known as 'official controls'.

The review aimed to evaluate how effective the current delivery model is and consider the scope for making improvements. Evidence was gathered to assess the current system.

The review was commissioned because of concerns about resource pressures, along with concerns about the inconsistency of the application of official controls across the UK. The findings point to the system remaining under pressure, but local authorities in general have told us that they are able to deliver the service.

The FSA Board discussed the high level findings on 5 March 2013 and agreed to close down the review in its current form.

Building on the evidence gathered by the review, new work to strengthen the support given to local authorities and port health authorities will be developed.

This work remains a key strategic priority for the FSA. Proposals on how the work will be taken forward will be presented to the Board in the coming months.

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