Protecting the public purse

Freedom of information

**FoI requests received after 5 March 2015 will need to be referred to the relevant successor body. Where possible, we will answer the request up until our last day (31 March 2015) but that will be dependent on the subject matter, and whether we can respond within the 20 day deadline under the Act.

Information about the Audit Commission can be obtained from our publication scheme or by making an individual request for information.

Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act must be made in writing. Please send your request to the following address:

Public Enquiries
Audit Commission
1st Floor, Fry Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF

or by email to:

Further advice and guidance

If you would like further advice or assistance on making a Request for Information please contact or public enquiries on 0303 444 8330.

Once submitted your request will be logged and formally acknowledged. You will be provided with a unique Request for Information (RFI) number and point of contact.

We may contact you following receipt of your request to clarify the information you require so that we can process your request.

Important difference between Appointed Auditors and the Audit Commission

The Audit Commission is listed as a public authority in the Freedom of Information Act (FoI Act). The Commission appoints Auditors, who operate under their own statutory powers, separate from those of the Commission.

Unlike the Audit Commission, Appointed Auditors are not ‘public authorities’ for the purposes of the FoI Act. This means that the information they hold is not subject to the FoI Act.

How does this affect my right of access to information?

(1) If the information you require is held by the Appointed Auditor…the FoI Act does not apply:

  • You should address your request to them.
  • The Appointed Auditor will consider whether they can provide you with the information requested by considering Section 49 of the Audit Commission Act.

(2) If the information you require is held by the Audit Commission…the FoI Act applies:

  • You should address your request to the Audit Commission.
  • The Audit Commission will consider whether it can provide you with the information requested.
  • First, it will consider whether Section 49 of the Audit Commission Act applies. Second, it will consider whether any other exemptions defined by the FoI Act apply.

(3) If the information you require has been passed to the Audit Commission by the Appointed Auditor…the FoI Act applies:

  • The information is held by the Audit Commission; the Commission will consider whether it can provide the information requested using the same process outlined in (2).

How can I request personal information about myself?

If you wish to request access to any personal information that the Audit Commission may hold about you or make a similar request on behalf of someone else, please review our guidance and submit the appropriate form.

Guide 1 – How to request personal information (106kb )
Form 1 – Application for access to personal information (65kb )
Guide 2 – How to prove your identity (55kb)
Form 2 – Requests made on behalf of someone else (72kb )