Keeping mentally and physically healthy in East Sussex

Rotherfield St Martin meeting Minister for Public Health Jane Ellison

Rotherfield St Martin receives recognition for their work from Public Health Minister Jane Ellison.

Rotherfield St Martin is a rural community organisation based in Rotherfield, East Sussex, a small village with a large elderly population.

The organisation is an example of how neighbours can come together to support each other and reduce the isolation and loneliness that often comes with old age.

Over 340 people are members of Rotherfield St Martin, which has 140 volunteeers who offer a wide range of health-promoting services, support and activities. These include dementia-friendly programmes, various therapies, a befriending scheme, and holidays at home, which give members the opportunity to go on summer day trips.

Rotherfield St Martin raises most of its funds itself – through local donations, its coffee and charity shops, and fundraising events – and also receives grants and a small amount of commissioning money from East Sussex County Council and Wealden District Council.

You can find out more about Rotherfield St Martin and how its work to help elderly people in East Sussex to stay physically and mentally active by visiting their website:

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