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Measurement for Quality and Cost Case Studies

When we received a submission for the measurement for quality and cost ideas channel from Northampton they included a neat one page summary. We liked the format so much that we have recast a selection of others in the same format. You can find them below. The original submissions for these and all the others are still available by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page.

Business Intelligence for Community Services Business Intelligence for Community Services (72.80 KB)
Submitted by: Julie Price
Keywords: Community Services, Integration 

Community Services Commissioning Dataset Community Services Commissioning Dataset (78.05 KB)
Submitted by: Ian Goodall
Keywords: Community, Benchmarking, Collaboration, Dataset

Dashboards for Dementia Care Dashboards for Dementia Care (122.45 KB)
Submitted by: Adam Cook
Keywords: Dementia, Dashboards, Analysis, SHA

Dashboards for ward performance Dashboards for ward performance (90.90 KB)
Submitted by: Phil O’Connor
Keywords: Ward, Dashboard, Measures, Performance

Door to Doctor Door to Doctor (118.08 KB)
Submitted by: Gordon Caldwell
Keywords: Acute Trust, Software, Medical Admission, Reporting

 Emergency Department Waiting Time Emergency Department Waiting Time (138.73 KB)
Submitted by: Deborah Thompson
Keywords: Ambulance Handovers, Database, Data Validation and Reporting, Collection and Analysis

HCAI Dashboards HCAI Dashboards (145.91 KB)
Submitted by: Katherine Cheema
Keywords: Infections, Dashboards, Ward Staff, Communications

Improving Ward Rounds Improving Ward Rounds (91.04 KB)
Submitted by: Rebecca McGeehan
Keywords: Visualise problems, Data Collection, Ward Round, Presentation

Lean in the Lab: Immunology Process Change Lean in the Lab: Immunology Process Change (136.22 KB)
Submitted by: Jenny Briggs
Keywords: SFC, Department, LEAN, Analysis, Performance 

Length of stay for hip replacements Length of stay for hip replacements (170.92 KB)
Submitted by: Simon Berry
Keywords: Analysis, decisions, SHA, LOS improvement, Excel software, QIPP

Neurological Commissioning Support Neurological Commissioning Support (96.36 KB)
Submitted by: Charlie Peel
Keywords: Collection, Across Healthcare, Commissioners, Providers, Analysis

Opthalmology Contracting Opthalmology Contracting (41.38 KB)
Submitted by: Lynette Daws
Keywords: Opthalmology, Contracting, Templates, Excel, Standards

Patient Experience Measures Patient Experience Measures (85.63 KB)
Submitted by: Karen Edmunds
Keywords: Community, Patient Survey, Service Improvement

Patients First Patients First (88.47 KB)
Submitted by: Ann Spence
Keywords: Ward, EMAP, LOS, DECODER

Pulse-Take Tool Pulse-Take Tool (73.96 KB)
Submitted by: Katie Moore
Keywords: Ward, Qualitative Analysis, Patient Experience

Reducing Night Time Patient transfers Reducing Night Time Patient transfers (92.56 KB)
Submitted by: John Logan
Keywords: Critical Care, Transfer, Reports, KPI, Analysis

SPC for GP’s  SPC for GP’s (207.55 KB)
Submitted by: Paresh Dawda
Keywords: GP Practice, Collection, System, SPC

The Development of Measures for Patient Safety  The Development of Measures for Patient Safety (54.11 KB)
Submitted by: Lucy Watson
Keywords: Patient Safety, Measures, CQUIN

Theatre Productivity Index  Theatre Productivity Index (62.10 KB)
Submitted by: Mark Lindsay
Keywords: Operating Theatre, Measures, Dashboards, Definition