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NHS Institute Ideas

The NHS five-year plan (NHS 2010–2015: from good to great. preventative, people-centred, productive) maps out how the journey of improvement in the NHS will continue in a new financial era. The plan outlines a clear sense of direction and also notes that :

“Innovation in healthcare can transform the quality of care provided to patients and increase productivity, whether through high-end technologies or service led system improvements

Innovation is about ideas. The ideas do not have to always be totally new and ground breaking, just different from what is currently happening in a given local situation. The people who have the best ideas of how to improve services, are the frontline staff who are delivering the services. However because the NHS is such a large and complex organisation, it can sometimes be difficult for those with ideas to know how best to take them forward.

NHS Institute Ideas has been specifically designed for ideas about ‘service innovations’ that link to the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda. We cannot provide funding for ideas, but routes to funding can be found here. We are not in a position to help develop every idea that is submitted, however we do aim to enable anyone who has a great idea to get some practical help and advice to how they could develop their idea further.

Before you think of submitting your idea you need to consider the following:

  1. Look at the Is it something new page and use some of the resources there to help you understand if your idea really is something new or whether it might be being done somewhere else already
  2. Ask yourself 'what is the basis of my idea?' NHS Institute ideas has been specifically designed for ideas for ‘service innovations’ that link to the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention agenda. Please look at the where to go with your idea page to understand if there may be a more appropriate place for you to go for information or advice (particularly if it is technology or product related). There are use links on this page if you are looking for very specific advice about a clinical topic or intellectual property
  3. Look at the submissions and responses page where you will find some of the responses to previously submitted ideas

If after reading through the questions above you are convinced that NHS Institute ideas is the right place for you click here to submit your idea

What happens next?

Your idea will be reviewed and we will identify someone who is able to liaise with you about your idea and potential routes for taking it forward. We are not in a position to help develop every idea that is submitted, but we will be able to point you in a useful direction.