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Actions completed last month

2.1.i. Protect UK interests in respect of the ongoing euro area sovereign debt crisis, and assess risks for the UK economy
2.3.iii. Advance UK interests in ECOFIN meetings of EU Finance Ministers, G7/G8/G20 Finance Ministers meetings, and other multilateral fora
2.3.iv. Ensure the government’s Parliamentary obligations with respect to scrutiny of EU business are conducted in an efficient and timely way
2.4.iv. Assess risks for the UK economy and protect UK interests around the ongoing euro area sovereign debt crisis
2.11.iii. Support relevant departments to design and deliver affordable plans for transport and digital communications infrastructure that promote economic growth
2.14.i. Actively engage with business to ensure policies reflect their needs, and ensure that for 2013-14 policies are delivered within agreed budgets including those in the Levy Control Framework
2.14.ii. Promote UK priorities of growth and competition in EU and international climate change negotiations and advocate greater transparency in international energy and commodity markets, including through the G20
1.1.i. Support departments to implement Spending Review 2010 spending settlements (including subsequent adjustments at fiscal events) and manage AME through effective spending control and risk management, keeping total spending within published Spending Review totals
1.1.iii. Work with departments on wider reform to public services, while delivering a step-change in the drive for efficiency and value for money
1.1.iv. Ensure that all major Government investments undergo suitable scrutiny and maximise value for money – using the Major Projects Review Group and Treasury Approval Points
1.4.i. Work with HMRC to maximise the yield from additional investment in anti-avoidance and evasion activity
3.4.i. Continue to monitor impacts on the UK of stressed Eurozone member countries and plan
3.5.iii. Create a new system of competition-focused utility style regulation for payment systems
3.6.i. Ensure that UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) assets are effectively managed and that a disposals programme is put in place that delivers value for money for the taxpayer
3.7.iii. Effectively implement domestic and international financial sanctions to counter terrorism and promote international security and stability
3.8.i. Following the National Savings and Investment (NS&I) red tape challenge, which launched in Mar 2013, bring forward and implement plans to reduce and reform the stock of NS&I regulation for which the Department has overall responsibility
2.8.x. Support measures to increase the proportion of tax revenue accounted for by environmental taxes

Actions to be completed this month

2.5.v. Work closely with UKTI and HMRC to promote the benefits to Multi-National Enterprises of location and investment in the UK, including through a new tax brochure spotlighting the corporation tax reforms since 2010 and through Ministerial visits to potential incomers
2.8.ii. Unify the Main Rate and Small Profits Rate to create a single headline rate of Corporation Tax
2.9.i. Work with BIS and other partners to implement the Government’s Plan for Growth supporting sustainable and balanced growth domestically and in the EU

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