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2.3.v. Require energy suppliers to deliver up to £1.1bn of support to around two million fuel poor households each year through the Warm Home Discount
2.4.ii. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from DECC's own estate and operations by 25% compared to 2009/10 by Mar 2015 and meet other Greening Government commitments to reduce DECC's impact on the environment
3.1.x. Maintain electricity capacity margins, undertaking interim measures where necessary, to ensure security of energy supply
3.2.iii. Take forward proposals to reform underground access to oil or gas deposits, as well as geothermal energy
3.2.iv. Promote the potential of Shale Gas at a local and national level to address public misconceptions
3.3.ix. Continue to increase support to low carbon energy projects
3.4.ii. Carry out a consultation on the justification for Advanced Boiling Water Reactors

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