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Energise for Excellence:  a call to action for nurses and midwives

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

Calling all nurses and midwives to take action!

Stand up and be counted.

Join the thousands of nurses and midwives who have already made a public commitment to energise for excellence today.

Sign up your commitment to play your part in making sure that essential nursing care is a given and can be counted on every time in every NHS organisation in England.

The Energise for Excellence vision is for at least 200,000 nurses, midwives and health visitors to sign up to Energise for Excellence, take action and tell others their quality and cost saving stories.

Under the Energise for Excellence umbrella we have gathered an array of tools, approaches and measures that will help you respond to the call to action and decide which priorites you want to focus on so that you can be confident that your patients receive the best possible care.

Energise for Excellence embraces a number of key programmes that nurses and midwives can use to drive both quality improvement and cost reduction.  Select the ones which will make the most difference for you.  It may be that combining them will give you even better outcomes and a strong platfrom from which to begin your quality and cost reduction journey.

Click on the links within the image below for more information. 

Staff Experience information from the Department of Health Safer Nursing Care Nursing Workforce Planning Tool Paediatric Acuity and Nursing Dependency (PANDA) Assessment Tool Birthrate Plus E Rostering The Productive Series Safety Express High Impact Actions Essence of Care North West Indicators The Productive Series Safety Express High Impact Actions Nurse Sensitive Outcome Measures Experience Based Design (EBD) Single Sex Accommodation High Impact Actions Real-time monitoring Patient stories

 E4E nurses and midwives  E4E Senior Leaders
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