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Let the NHS Institute help you deliver change at scale and pace 

The NHS Institute is offering free learning and development opportunities to anyone involved in commissioning health services.

Whether you can spare a day or an hour on your own development, we have something to offer you.

We have developed the programme using our experience of working with commissioners and primary care providers over several years. 

View our programme (785.59 KB)

Questions and answers

Where should we start?

Commissioning for population outcomes requires a new perspective for many of us. CCGs need to obtain a thorough understanding of the needs of their population and then use a robust collaborative process to agree local priorities. We can help you take a greater focus, invest in skills for interpreting public health data and use proven tools to identify where you can make the maximum impact.

Who do we need with us?

Good commissioning, like good care, is a team effort. We believe it is vital that CCGs forge strong partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders as soon as possible. We have the tools to help you identify and prioritise partnership needs, evaluate existing partnerships, foster new ones and ensure their sustainability through good times and bad.

Our Whole System Learning approach allows you to engage key partners as genuine collaborators, rather than just representatives, to learn together while building your plans. We are national leaders in using creative and highly engaging Accelerated Solutions Events to enable large numbers of clinicians, patients and managers to achieve in one day, what would often take several weeks.

What is a Whole System Learning approach?

Our approach will help you to simultaneously:

  • tackle complex cross-sectoral issues holistically and sustainably
  • develop plans and capability across a wide range of requirements including leadership, organisational development, commissioning design and provider development needs
  • engage and learn with a broad constituency of local stakeholders, including patients.

How can we achieve Authorisation?

Achieving Authorisation is going to require clear plans and progress on a number of fronts. Much of the challenge will lie in gathering your evidence for Authorisation without losing momentum on developing and delivering your commissioning plans. Our diagnostic and planning process will help you ensure you have clear development plans in each domain of the Authorisation Framework. Using our Whole System Learning approach will also enable you to make demonstrable progress in all domains simultaneously, removing the need to devote significant time solely to gaining Authorisation.

What can we do to improve integration?

Integration offers the opportunity to improve patient outcomes and experiences while reducing some of the waste and risk created by disjointed pathways. However, leading large scale change to deliver better integration is a considerable challenge. We have extensive experience in supporting health and social care systems to design and implement more integrated, safe and efficient solutions across whole care pathways. In partnership, we can help you achieve lasting improvements.

How can we build clinical engagement?

Commissioning leaders know that they can't achieve all they need to without the support and commitment of colleagues from across primary and secondary care, as well as the wider locality. We believe it is better to ‘be’ engaging rather than to ‘just’ engage. We can help you take evidence-based approaches to planning, communicating and implementing strategy and change which are inherently more engaging. As a result, you will achieve more in less time… and engage more colleagues.

What do our leaders need?

Busy clinicians and managers need flexible and pragmatic ways to develop their skills. As key authors of the NHS Leadership Framework, we are uniquely placed to support leaders from different backgrounds to identify and meet their development needs. Crucially, our leadership training and coaching for individuals and teams can help you lead improvement more easily and successfully, supporting you through the practical challenges you are facing.

Is it possible to improve outcomes, reduce harm AND save money?

Commissioners face an unprecedented challenge to improve outcomes within an increasingly constrained budget. You need ways of going beyond making marginal adjustments to achieve the improvements in value expected of the NHS.

We are the NHS's own improvement specialists, with a world-renowned range of tried-andtrusted tools and training to improve patient safety, quality, productivity, patient experience and empowerment. Whether your challenge is to improve one part of a patient pathway or reconfigure an entire system, we can provide the ideas, expertise and support to achieve lasting results.

Crucially, we can help you combine commissioning plans with innovative programmes to improve quality, safety and productivity in general practice. With all parts of your local health system aligned with your QIPP plans, progress will be faster and easier.