Accountability for Regulator Impact initiative

The FSA participates in the Accountability for Regulator Impact (ARI) initiative. This initiative commits the FSA and other regulators to consult with industry on measuring the impact of policies. The FSA sees this as being good practice in the policymaking process. The FSA is one of the 'pioneer' regulators for the initiative, and has supported it since January 2013.

How it works

Engagement with industry would begin before the FSA goes out to full public consultation on an issue, giving businesses, industry and trade representatives the opportunity to get involved early on.

About the initiative

The ARI initiative requires regulators to:

  • Assess the impact on business of their non-legislative measures; these include guidance, compliance and enforcement strategies and policy, data collection and changes to some finance procedures.
  • Engage fully with trade associations representing affected businesses as the proposed measures are developed, giving them a chance to challenge.

If agreement cannot be reached, there is an arbitration system involving the independent Regulatory Policy Committee.

Keep up to date

FSA proposals that fall within ARI scope will be published, along with other proposals, in the 'Help shape our policies' section, which can be found via the 'See also' links on this page.

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We encourage trade associations and businesses that expect to be affected by a proposed measure to tell the FSA policy team of any problems they foresee with the proposals.

Further information on the ARI initiative will be available once it has been extended to all non-economic regulators in July 2013.