FSA employee survey

The results of research the FSA commissioned to understand bullying and harassment in the workplace against its meat operations staff.

This research was needed to understand issues affecting staff undertaking regulatory duties who reported incidents of bullying and harassment in the slaughterhouse environment. FSA management commissioned the research to help inform plans to tackle this important subject.

Since the research was completed in December 2011, the FSA has taken steps to deal with the problem, and increased efforts to raise awareness of sources of help and support. Actions taken include:

  • An anti-bullying and harassment advisor network has been launched – 23 advisors have been trained across the UK.
  • Sessions on how to deal with bullying and harassment have been provided to all newly-appointed managers.
  • Training modules for staff on this issue are being developed and piloted.
  • The Anti-Bullying and Harassment Working Group has been refreshed and extended to office-based staff and also includes a representative from the meat industry.

The FSA already had a well publicised zero tolerance approach to this issue and the study was commissioned to help highlight the issues that would need to be addressed in order to tackle the problem. The study highlighted a number of serious issues around bullying and harassment in meat plants, often linked to the general culture and attitude of the slaughterhouse environment.