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Last updated:
15 August 2014
Sign up for Food Standards Agency email updates and get the latest food and allergy alerts sent as an SMS text message to your mobile phone. You can also follow us on social media.

Email updates

Stay up-to-date with FSA news stories, food alerts and campaigns by subscribing to our email updates. You can select from 23 different to get the information that's most useful and relevant for you.

You can also set your preferences to receive these email updates immediately as they are published, or grouped into a daily or weekly email.

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Food alerts, allergy alerts and colour alerts by SMS

Get details of all the latest food withdrawals and recalls, allergy alerts, and news about the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) evaluation of colours in food, as soon as they're issued by getting the details sent as a SMS text message direct to your mobile phone. This is a free service.

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Apology for Excessive Text Message Sending

On Saturday 31 January approximately 1,000 individuals, who are signed up for text message notifications from the Food Standards Agency, received excessive alerts of the same message during a two-hour period.

GovDelivery apologises for the incident and the impact on those subscribed to receive information about Food and Allergy Alerts from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The Food Standards Agency is dedicated to communicating information about Food and Allergy alerts to consumers as quickly as possible. This text message service is one of the ways the FSA does this. We have successfully identified and resolved this issue and urge subscribers to stay signed up to receiving Food and Allergy alerts.

Anyone requiring additional help related to the issue can contact [email protected]