A Credit to Britain

Watch our short film about the importance of public investment in the arts and culture

Why it matters

We believe that public life in this country without the arts and culture would be much poorer. The arts are integral to all our lives; our theatres, concert halls, venues, libraries, museums and galleries, and the arts in our schools, universities, hospitals and old people’s homes. It’s these things that give us the pleasure and opportunity for self-expression, and bring social and economic benefits to our communities and our nation.

The arts bring happiness, and the arts make things happen.

At a time when funding for these things is vulnerable, we need to act urgently to make the case for public investment in the arts. We want everyone who believes in the value and impact of art and culture to help us to demonstrate just how important these things are. We want you to work with us to open the public’s eyes to the many ways the arts already work for them, by telling these stories in the most effective ways we can.

The arts are not a luxury. They are a crucial resource that we cannot afford to lose.

What you can do

Explore the two sections above to find out more about you can help us make the case for public investment in arts and culture across the country.

If you work in the arts and culture, our Advocacy Toolkit can help you reach out to audiences to tell a story about the value and impact of public investment in arts and culture, from both a local and national perspective.

Our State of the Arts programme draws together a range of perspectives and ideas about why art and culture matter. Here you can also read our latest State of the Arts publication, Create: a journal of perspectives on the value of art and culture.

You can also join the debate by following @ace_national on Twitter and using #culturematters