Arts Council England procures goods, services and works by either issuing competitive tenders or invitations to quote in line with UK government policy and all relevant legal requirements.

The aim of all our procurement activity is to obtain value for money while meeting the requirements of our mission to achieve our goal of delivering great art to everyone.

Value for money is defined as considering the optimum combination of quality and whole life cost to meet the needs of the user.

Further information on procurement within Arts Council England can be found on our buyer profile site.

All Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and e-tendered non-OJEU live contract opportunities are advertised via the Arts Council England buyer profile. This also offers prospective suppliers information on purchase plans, contact details, future, current and awarded contracts.

All non-OJEU live opportunities are advertised in Contracts Finder. Contracts Finder is a free new service for businesses, government buyers and the public. This service comes from government under its transparency commitment, and you can find:

  • live contract opportunities
  • closed tender documentation
  • contract awards and contract documents

All contracts awarded by Arts Council England are issued using our standard terms and conditions.

Standard contract for services

Standard terms and conditions for service contracts under £10,000