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What we learnt from the midata Innovation Lab

28 November 2013 by Craig Belsham

The midata Innovation Lab, part of the midata programme, has now come to an end. We launched the protype apps a couple of weeks ago and this week we have published the final report on the mIL conclusions.  You can find the apps and the report on the lab website: The mIL was designed to be a practical learning experience that the wider midata programme could benefit from.  The…


The mIL goes to Glastonbury by Craig Belsham

1 October 2013 by Craig Belsham

Well alright not the actual Glastonbury, but the BBC dubbed the CampusPartyEU, held at the O2 Arena at the beginning of September as “Glastonbury for Geeks”[1]. With over 10,000 participants from all over the world coming together to share and learn about IT and development this was a major technology event and thanks to Telefónica the midata Innovation Lab (mIL) had a stand.   Held from 2nd to 7th September the…


midata Innovation Lab is launched

10 July 2013 by Craig Belsham

Acknowledging the start of the midata Innovation Lab, midata Chair Prof Sir Nigel Shadbolt said: “In the Digital Age the information that we generate as we go about daily life is a source of huge potential value. My data can be used  to find the best deal,  or else get together with people who have similar interests and needs, or simply enable me to make better decisions as a consumer….


Minister for Consumer Affairs talks about the UK Government’s midata programme

27 June 2013 by Craig Belsham

Jo Swinson, Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs, talks about the Government’s midata programme and how it is working with UK business to give power back to consumers by giving them access to their consumption and transaction data. And a week from today midata will launch the midata innovation lab- a unique, collaborative partnership that will see Government, leading businesses and respected bodies come together to learn how to…


Authenticating customers and their representatives by Working Group Chair, Richard Koch

13 June 2013 by Craig Belsham

I’m Richard and I chair one of the expert working groups looking at what we need to do to ensure that consumers can be confident when they allow their data to be passed to and used by third parties who are developing new and innovative applications to aggregate and use existing data in a way that brings benefits to users of these new services. This expert group is looking at…


Working with business to fan the flames of innovation

23 May 2013 by Craig Belsham

Hi I’m Dan, Director of the midata Innovation Lab, part of the midata voluntary programme. I wanted take this opportunity to share my vision for the lab, or mIL as we call it. Industry has been using data to better engage with consumers for many years. There is a shift now happening where consumers will be able to unlock the data that business holds about them to achieve new benefits….


How we are working to protect consumer’s data

7 May 2013 by Craig Belsham

My name is Stephen and I head up the work on consumer confidence and trust which is part of the midata voluntary programme.  As part of that work, we have set up five expert working groups and the issues we are looking at go to the heart of the midata programme and ensuring its future success. These groups have been looking at a range of issues from how data is…


Welcome to my new blog about midata

2 May 2013 by Craig Belsham

I’m Craig Belsham from BIS, where I head up the midata programme. This blog is designed to give some insight into that programme, help people and business understand it and hopefully encourage both to start to get involved. So what is midata all about? At its heart  it’s about giving customers access to the transactional and usage data held about them by the businesses they trade with. By giving them this information…