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Stephan Shakespeare

Just how valuable is Public Sector Information?

22 February 2013 by Stephan Shakespeare

We held our first Data Strategy Board of 2013 recently and the energy and enthusiasm to step up our pace was obvious around the table. The diversity of the data landscape is something that I’m extremely interested in. Fellow Board member Prof. Mark McGurk, who brings a wealth of experience from the health sector, gave us a fascinating clinician’s insight into the Health Service and some of the challenges and…


Increasing the impetus on opening up data

14 December 2012 by Stephan Shakespeare

I’m delighted that this week the government has announced four significant new investments that will stimulate further release of public data and support companies working in the digital and data sectors. The Data Strategy Board (DSB) and others worked hard to provide these recommendations to Ministers and I am pleased with the progress we are making. These investments compliment fully the aims of the DSB and the rest of the…


Big Data Analytics

23 November 2012 by Stephan Shakespeare

As part of my mission to engage with as many of you as possible on a range of different themes, I held a breakfast event last week on ‘Big Data Analytics’. This event was extremely useful to me – many thanks to those that attended and made the session so interesting. For those of you that weren’t there, during the morning we considered the challenges and opportunities of Big Data…


Getting out and about…picking up the pace

5 October 2012 by Stephan Shakespeare

I have been spending lots of time lately engaging with people from the data world and have had some fascinating discussions. I was extremely impressed on my visit to the Ordnance Survey to see the new ways they are helping businesses and others to make more use of their data. I believe it is important to acknowledge and build on the examples of good work that are already taking place….


Some thoughts and a well earned break…

9 August 2012 by Stephan Shakespeare

As we approach my holiday season I’d like to update you on where my thinking is, with a few weeks under my belt.  The more I delve into this role the more people I identify that I would like to engage with on this agenda and I have plans for that which you’ll read later. Our first meeting was a good start and I thought it worth mentioning that there…


Delving into the world of data…the Data Strategy Board gets started!

16 July 2012 by Stephan Shakespeare

After a busy a couple of weeks delving into the new world of The Data Strategy Board I am delighted to have just chaired the first meeting on 11th July.  It was great to get all the board members together around the table so we can start to get to grips with what needs to be done and think about how we can make good progress. I am pleased to…