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The CSeries and UK-Canada Collaboration

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Recently I spent a couple of days in Montreal, one of my favourite places in Canada. A great time to visit and discuss the outcome of the recent Quebec elections, the ongoing corruption investigation, as well as take the temperature of the business community on the economy, and on CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement currently in (we hope) final stages of negotiation. Whilst there, I also had the … Read more »The CSeries and UK-Canada Collaboration

“Brits on Bikes” for cancer research

I’ve discovered the wonders of spandex recently. For the second year in a row, I’ve had the privilege to participate, with a number of my colleagues here at the British High Commission, in a terrific local charity event called Ride the Rideau. Our team, dubbed “Brits on Bikes”, is not made up of the athletic types and you won’t see us in the Tour de France any time soon, but … Read more »“Brits on Bikes” for cancer research

Battle of Britain Day

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I attended the 72nd anniversary of the Battle of Britain at Ottawa’s Aviation Museum on 16 September, under flawless blue skies – a bit like during the Battle itself – and in the presence of the Chief of Air Staff, veterans, cadets and members on parade of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I said the following: It is right and fitting that we celebrate Battle of Britain Day every year. … Read more »Battle of Britain Day

Alberta’s fascinating contrasts

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My family and I have just celebrated two months in Alberta. Arriving just prior to Stampede was thrilling. Being the first British Consul General resident in Calgary is a huge honour. Identifying a clone to pack everything in (we cover Saskatchewan and Manitoba too) is an increasing priority. To me, Alberta is a Province of contrasts. All of them fascinating:  Alberta has an established community of businessmen, oil barons and … Read more »Alberta’s fascinating contrasts

Remembering the “forgotten war”

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War fever is racing down the river! Actually, war commemoration fever, as the many ceremonies to mark the War of 1812 begin. I had the pleasure of attending two fascinating events in the last week. The first, at Ottawa’s excellent War Museum, is called: 1812: One War, Four Perspectives. Its curator is Dr Peter MacLeod, and there are some striking artefacts – a charred piece of the White House, courtesy … Read more »Remembering the “forgotten war”

A GREAT day in Canada

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I haven’t blogged much recently, as we’ve been launching the GREAT campaign across Canada. GREAT as in Britain, and it asks Canadians to take a new look at the Old Country. You’ll be surprised by what you see. All the things you’d expect in the history and tradition departments – and we’re on the verge of a splendid Diamond Jubilee weekend – but also a burst of innovation, technology, creative industries, … Read more »A GREAT day in Canada

Celebrating our contributions to polar research

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This week, Montreal is hosting the International Polar Year conference, IPY 2012: From Knowledge to Action. IPY 2012 brings together over 3000 international experts from across a variety of fields, with the ambitious agenda of using the knowledge accumulated by researchers during international polar year activities, and developing concrete actions to move forward. The polar regions of our planet hold a special mystique, buried under snow and ice, and their … Read more »Celebrating our contributions to polar research

Climate and resource security

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Last month I found myself at Lancaster House attending an Foreign Office/Wilton Park Conference: “A climate and resource security dialogue for the 21st Century.” The conference had been many months in the planning and I was lucky to get a place alongside a few other attachés from posts in the US, India and elsewhere. Wilton Park events take place under a rigorous protocol which means that apart from a few … Read more »Climate and resource security

100 days to go

Today we begin the 100 day countdown to the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the 30th Olympiad – in London, on 27 July 2012. There will be events at many other sites around the United Kingdom. But eyes will turn to London: the only city to host the Games three times. It’ll be a little different to 1908, when we won most of the medals, and live pigeon shooting … Read more »100 days to go

A great pre-Olympic experience

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I had a great pre-Olympic experience last weekend. I was invited by Pierre La Fontaine to witness the Olympic and Paralympic swimming trials. Pierre is CEO of Swimming Canada, and National Coach to boot. It was fun going into the Stade Olympique in Montreal, meeting officials and swimmers, and offering them a public welcome to the London Games. I used to swim myself, deep in the last century, and you … Read more »A great pre-Olympic experience