The Productive Seas Feeder Report

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The Productive Seas Feeder Report provides evidence on the use of the marine environment and identifies both the socio economic value and resulting pressures of these activities on the environment.

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Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Overall Assessment
3.1 Aquaculture
3.2 Coastal Defence
3.3 Defence – Military
3.4 Education
3.5 Fisheries
3.6 Leisure and Recreation
3.7 Maritime Transport
3.8 Mineral Extraction
3.9 Oil and Gas
3.10 Pipelines
3.11 Power Transmission
3.12 Renewable Energy
3.13 Research and Development
3.14 Storage (of Gases)
3.15 Telecommunications
3.16 Waste Disposal
3.17 Water Abstraction
3.18 General Management and Regulation
Section 4: Marine Management

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The recommended citation for this report is: United Kingdom Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy (UKMMAS) (2010). Charting Progress 2 Feeder Report Productive Seas. Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs on behalf of UKMMAS (Eds. Saunders, J. and McKie, J.) 472pp.