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Huge rise in altruistic donor numbers, says HTA

The Human Tissue Authority has seen a huge rise in the number of people approved to give organs to someone they do not know

Issue date: 16 May 2013

The number of altruistic donors, people giving organs to someone they do not know, approved by the Human Tissue Authority has almost trebled in the last year.

During 2012/13, the HTA approved 104 ‘non-directed’ cases, compared to 38 in 2011/12. The HTA assesses all proposed transplants to ensure donors are aware of any risks and that they haven’t been pressurised or offered any reward to donate.

Diana Warwick, Chair, HTA said: “Giving someone an organ is a brave and amazing gift: to do it for someone whom you don’t know is doubly so, and the huge increase in people willing to do so is incredible. The HTA works on more, and more complex, living donation cases every year and we expect this to continue. We remain committed to ensuring that people can donate organs with confidence.”

Altogether, the HTA approved 1243 living organ donation cases in 2012/13, up from 1217 in 2011/12, this includes 1047 ‘directed’ kidney donations, 56 ‘paired or pooled’ kidneys (see note 3), 36 ‘directed’ liver and our first ‘non-directed liver’. 

Diana Warwick added: “Donating an organ is a remarkable thing to do. As public awareness of living organ donation spreads, the number of people willing to donate keeps rising.”


The HTA is responsible for assessing living organ donations to ensure no reward has been given for the donation, and that proper consent has been given.

Types of living organ donation.

Information on becoming a living organ donor.

For more information, please contact the HTA press office on 020 7269 1912 or out of hours on 020 7269 1914