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Goodbye for now (2)

“I leave Brazil this evening at the end of my tour. Thanks to all who have followed my blog. I tried to give you an idea of what the ambassador does. I hope you found it interesting and even fun at times. Best wishes to all.”  

Goodbye for now

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I leave this week convinced being an Ambassador is the ultimate in our Foreign Service. I can’t boil down to a single reason why being ambassador matters so much. You are the go-to person for both receiving and sending countries. You can make enormous impact – a senior diplomat once told me the embassy was the Ambassador and then the rest. You may be able to steer strategy and policy … Read more »Goodbye for now


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My father had a Triumph motorbike in the 1950s. I used to love seeing him ride it and clean it when I was small. The logo has always been special for me, as for many Brits. Three years ago I met representatives of the company at a lunch for businesses in my home city of Nottingham (quite close to Hinckley, where Triumph has its base). They told me they had … Read more »Triumph

Nutrition for Growth

“Brazil (Vice-President Temer) and UK (Prime Minister David Cameron) co-hosted a Nutrition for Growth meeting in London on 8 June with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).  This was an important event on a neglected issue. The event mobilised £2.7bn in funds and participants signed a Compact seeking by 2020 to extend effective nutrition to at least £500m people (pregnant mothers and children under two) and to prevent at least … Read more »Nutrition for Growth

Fittipaldi Museum

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“We have had a wonderful relationship with Emerson Fittipaldi in the campaign to reduce road deaths in Brazil. Last Friday I visited his museum in Sao Paulo and “drove” the McClaren in which he won the F1 World Championship while at the same time talking to him in New York by Skype. We look forward to working with him further in our GREAT Britain campaign on F1 later this year.”

New Embassy in Haiti

Today our Minister for South America, Hugo Swire, opened a new embassy – in Haiti. We are pleased to be back in Haiti after a gap of 47 years. We left when we could o longer have a reasonable relationship with the brutal regime of Papa Doc Duvalier.  But now we are back there with the intention of building close and practical relations based on mutual respect. We admire how … Read more »New Embassy in Haiti

Science Partnership

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“Science has been at the heart of my work in Brazil over four years. It was great on 10 June at my residence to witness signature of an agreement between CNPq, the Brazilian Research Council, and BBSRC, the UK Research Council on bio-science. The two signatories, Glaucius Oliva and Steve Visscher, have personally both done a huge amount to increase UK-Brazil collaboration and now we have the perspective of ever more joint … Read more »Science Partnership

New Honorary Consul

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I had a wonderful day in Ribeirao Preto on 6 June to launch our new Hororary Consul Jaqueline Wilkins as part of the extension of our work in Brazil in important cities and regions where we have no consulate or office. Ribeirao Preto remains a highly significant centre of agri-business with companies operating with a high level of technology. It is also strong in the health sector and IT. As … Read more »New Honorary Consul

Brazil needs the world

In December 2008, I began my journey as Ambassador to Brazil with a speech in Sao Paulo. And this Wednesday, I am visiting the city again for a presentation named “Brazil and the world need each other”, which ends my time in this position. It could not be more appropriate to take this discussion to a region of such national and international importance, home to influential businesspeople and institutions in … Read more »Brazil needs the world

A GREAT week of football

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A fantastic weekend of Football. The Brazil-England match at the new Maracana was a vibrant, joyous occasion with a good diplomatic result. I was honoured to meet so many people, including the legendary Zagallo who could talk about the 1950 World Cup final in the Maracana  as well as about the prospects for the 2014 final. You’ll see I had a word about tactics with England manager Roy Hodgson before … Read more »A GREAT week of football