Chapter 2 questions

The Open Standards: Open Opportunities consultation has now closed

Question set 2:
  • What criteria should the Government consider when deciding whether it is appropriate to mandate particular standards?

  • What effect would mandating particular open standards have on improving value for money in the provision of government services?

  • Are there any legal or procurement barriers to mandating specific open standards in the UK Government's IT?

  • Could mandation of competing open standards for the same function deliver interoperable software and information at reduced cost?

  • Could mandation of open standards promote anti-competitive behaviour in public procurement?

  • How would mandation of specific open standards for government IT software interoperability, data and document formats affect your organisation/business?

  • How should the Government best deal with the issue of change relating to legacy systems or incompatible updates to existing open standards?

  • What should trigger the review of an open standard that has already been mandated?

  • How should the Government strike a balance between nurturing innovation and conforming to standards?

  • How should the Government confirm that a solution claiming conformity to a standard is interoperable in practice?

  • Are there any are other policy options which would meet the objective more effectively?