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The National Adaptation Programme: getting ready for climate change »

The first National Adaptation Programme addresses the risks set out in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment to help businesses, local authorities and civil society become more resilient to climate change impacts.

National Adaptation Programme research round-up »

Research commissioned by Defra to inform development of the National Adaptation Programme, looking at the economics of adaptation and resilience, international threats and opportunities, and other issues.

The macroeconomics of climate change: modelling impacts and the role of adaptation »

A recent report by Vivid Economics for Defra, surveys research on the macroeconomic effects of climate change on advanced economies like the UK, and how adaptation can help to manage these.

The National Adaptation Programme: building climate change resilience among vulnerable groups »

Working towards aims of the National Adaptation Programme's health and wellbeing theme, Defra is supporting work across the country to build resilient communities and reduce the impacts of climate change on the socially vulnerable.

Equinox works with mental health and substance misuse service users for climate harm reduction »

Catherine Max describes Equinox's innovative climate harm reduction project to work with mental health and substance misuse service users to build resilience to climate change, contributing to the National Adaptation Programme.