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Greening Government ICT strategy update »

The UK government has published its second annual report on implementation of the Greening Government ICT strategy, showing good progress on embedding green ICT thinking and processes.

The status of the social impact investing market »

A report for the Cabinet Office outlines the new but growing market for social impact investing, in which private capital is invested to intentionally create positive environmental and social outcomes as well as financial returns.

Community Life Survey finds resurgence in volunteering »

The Community Life Survey, commissioned by Cabinet Office, provides statistics on issues key to encouraging social action and empowering communities, including volunteering, charitable giving, community engagement and well-being.

Applying behavioural insights for sustainable policy »

The Behavioural Insights Team’s first Annual Update summarises its work and highlights examples of the application of behavioural insights, including the encouragement of more sustainable behaviours and lifestyles.