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Engaging employees for sustainable change »

While the concept of sustainability is becoming more mainstream, doubters remain and habits can be hard to change. Rob Fenn explains the benefits of engaging employees in improving an organisation's sustainability.

The benefits of environmental management systems for small and medium enterprises »

Defra’s recent study on environmental management in SMEs presents new evidence of the financial benefits of green business, showing that embedding resource efficiency across business operations brings benefits to the whole organisation.

Developing a Green Supply Chain »

A functioning 'green supply chain' extends environmental consideration to all aspects of a product or sevice: from material sourcing, to product design, manufacture, distribution, delivery and end-of-life disposal.

Delivering better and more sustainable services through ISO certification »

Putting in place an Environmental Management System at Three Rivers District Council, and achieving certification to the international standard ISO 14001, helped staff to become more committed and focused on environmental issues.

Environmental management for business »

David Fenn of The British Assessment Bureau introduces environmental management for business and other organisations, arguing that the ISO 14001 standard offers an overarching approach to all aspects of sustainability.