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News round-up: inspiring sustainable living, Green Deal communities, farming resilience, green growth, clean energy »

Sustainable development news from government and public bodies: London 2012 inspires sustainable living; encouraging community Green Deal proposals; building farming resilience; Green Investment Bank funding; clean energy funding.

Planning for climate change »

The Planning and Climate Change Coalition, a cross-sector group that seeks to ensure the planning system responds effectively to the challenges of climate change, has published a guide for local authorities on planning for climate change.

Transformational times call for transformational change »

In an edited extract from his forthcoming book, The Nature of Business: Redesigning for resilience, Giles Hutchins explains the urgent need for transformational change in business to make it a force for good.

Making the most of valuable materials: the Resource Security Action Plan »

Ensuring reliable and sustainable supplies of precious metals and minerals used in high tech and other consumer goods is the focus of Defra's recent Resource Security Action Plan: Making the most of valuable materials.

Community Payback helps prevent flooding »

Luci Isaacson of Climate Vision describes an innovative project to reduce the risk of repeat flooding in Lostwithiel in Cornwall through simple steps to remove leaf litter from drains, while delivering wider benefits to the local community.

How to finance sustainability? »

Infrangilis is running two workshops on the theme of financing sustainability in January and March 2012: Sustainability in austerity: communities doing more with less, and Local resilience: making development more sustainable.

Building resilience: resource security and the role of the circular economy »

12 December 2011, London: This Green Alliance conference, in association with the CBI, will consider the risks and opportunities of increasing resource constraints, and how to put resource resilience at the heart of the green economy.

UK Resilience 2011 »

22 November 2011, London: conference focusing on the resilience of UK infrastructure and supply of key resources in the face of the challenges of climate change, food security, energy supply and maintaining physical infrastructure.

Tomorrow’s young leaders: trainee resilience officers? »

As this year's graduates seek jobs in a volatile world, writer and strategist Philip Monaghan asks if a new career path is suggested by the increasing demands on organisations to demonstrate resilience to changes in complex systems.

Co-creating resilient communities, organisations and societies »

Andrea Gewessler, director of Change that Matters, argues the need for increased resilience - through diversity and modularity - in facing the interconnected challenges of a currently unsustainable world.