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The London 2012 legacy: sustainable policing of events »

How the Metropolitan Police Service worked to achieve sustainable policing of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and is applying the experience gained to ensure sustainable policing of future major events.

Investigating the carbon costs of crime »

An exciting new collaborative project between the Home Office, ACPO Secured by Design Crime Prevention Initiatives and the University of Surrey will investigate the synergies between a low crime and low carbon society.

Metropolitan Police Service wins awards for environmental work »

The Metropolitan Police Service has recently won several awards for its environmental performance, as it aims to deliver policing through the responsible and sustainable management of all resources.

Metropolitan Police fuel delivery vehicles with recycled oil »

The Metropolitan Police Service is working with its food and catering supplier and an energy company to cut emissions of greenhouse gases, by recycling waste vegetable oil to power the vehicles which deliver its groceries.